Tummy Troubles? What To Eat.


There isn’t much worse than having an upset stomach, tie in some nausea and vomiting and it can make for some sheer misery.  May people rush to the over the counter remedies, but there are many equally effective holistic remedies you can try first!

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables help to relieve acid indigestion and are not acidic in nature. These vegetables are also easily digestible and non-alkaline forming as well, meaning they will not aggravate the pH of your stomach lining by being too basic. Arugula, spinach, collard greens, kale, chard, cabbage and romaine lettuce can help calm heartburn.

Bananas and Plantains

Bananas and plantains, particularly green plantains can help heal ulcers by thickening the mucous lining of the stomach, which may be the cause or result of a sour stomach. Inflammation of the stomach lining caused by high-acid foods can benefit from the mucilage building components of bananas and plantains. At the onset of symptoms, eating half a banana can bring relief quickly.


Ginger has a longstanding use in folk medicine for relieving and preventing acid reflux and indigestion. Fresh grated ginger root in boiling water is the common folk prescription should heartburn occur. The volatile oils present in ginger are responsible for their gastrointestinal relief. They are naturally antispasmodic and can relax muscle cramping due to a sour stomach.

One More Addition to this list – Mint Tea! An amazing anti nausea remedy, used for thousands of years. Give it a try next time you feel your tummy turning.

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